Less than 30 minutes from now, I would turn 21 years old. When I was kid, I thought of having birthday means everything to me. I love cake, presents, party, candle light but my mom always oppose the idea of throwing birthday party at my house. She will give 1001 reasons Not To Celebrate it, and I will end up suckling under my duvet.

Since I was born in December, I never experienced being prank by my cliques, or get people gather and sing Birthday Song in the classroom, merely because December means holiday. Not until last year, when I was in my first year, where my friends brought me out of the room, headed to an open space on the 5th floor. When I looked down, I saw a group of people in the parking lot with candles on, on top of a cake, singing happy birthday. I’m touched.

This year, I was shocked when my roommate and few beautiful girls came into my room, with a plate of hand made of apple cake, with strawberry toppings. I didn’t expect any of those. I even warning them, not to bake any cake for me. Guess,they are so stubborn. Haha.
In Islam, after Magrib, it will count as a new day. Even it is still not yet December 14, but according to Islamic Calendar, I’m already 21!

So, today, on my special days, I would like to reveal 21 things about me. I realize I try to expose as minimal as possible, my personal details in my WordPress. For me, this space is where people could go deep into my thought without knowing the exact background of mine. I would like to be judged by my writing, and writing only.

21….. Here it goes,

1. If I didn’t enroll for medicine, I would like to opt for Major in English Language. But since I’m on my way to be a doctor, I wish to continue my Master in University of John Hopkins.

2. I love rainbows and purple is my favourite line.

3. I’m a BIG believer of my dreams, I won’t stop until I get what I want.

4. Sport geek. Volleyball. I once dreamt to be an International Player!

5. Impatient. Grumpy. But I never be able to hate anyone, no matter how hard I try.

6. I hate party or ceremony, or maybe I just enjoy my company of less than 5 people in a function.

7. If I love people, they can always hear me out.

8. I allergic towards people who act like mom. I only have a mother on this earth.

9. When it comes to man, I prefer black, or manly… Having pretty boy around me, boost up the level of insecurities.

10. No offense, I am not a fan of K- pop.

11. One of my wish list ; I want to travel around the globe with my future husband!

12. Heaven or paradise, or whatever you call it, I’m working to get a ticket to enter it.

13. I made vow to myself, never, never, go to cinema ever again.

14. Family Girl. I would allocate few hours in a week to skype with my family!

15. Most of the time, you can’t reach me by phone. Soorrrryyy!

16. Books! I love classic, English Literature but find it’s hard to finish even a book. Currently reading : Alice in the Wonderland on eBooks.

17. Every morning, I question myself, ‘ Do I have to go to class?’

18. I just discovered recently that I have one kind of illness. Some time I wish people one day early than their exact birthday, and get confuse with date of the day. Usually, I will be so nervous on Sunday because my mind will tell me that, ‘Today is Monday’.

19. Acne. pimples. That’s my red line. Don’t cross it.

20. I’m fan of strawberry. I’m using raspberry V.S for body mist and Body Shop Strawberry Gel for shower.

21. Top 3 favourite songs are :
a) Wildfire
b) The broken one
c) You’re so fine

Oh, now it’s 12 am. Happy Birthday myself!


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