Paint myself into a corner

So, after hours of waiting, finally I reached at my senior’s hours. Last night I went to the festive. I gave my hand at my senior’s stall. It was fun indeed. This morning, I had my volleyball, well we lost. But it was a very good match. I am not the person who can easily accept defeat, but this time, I manage to control myself. I’m much stronger I think. Indeed I’m so proud of my team.

So, at the end of the game, my clique said I should be at the end point ( football field), for closing ceremony. So I took an auto, but no one one warned me that auto cannot reach the field. I had to walk quite a distance at 12pm, with temperature almost 35’c. I saw some of the players on motorcycle passed me by. I actually cursed at myself.

Upon reaching the place, I saw no way to get in. The field is surrounded with a thick wall, yet I can hear people were yelling from the inside.

I stepped on a big stone, took a peek and I could see D . Inside our team was competing against Manipal University players.I wanna yell her name, but I had no energy to do so.

I feel dizziness and about to collapse. Quietly,I sat down under a big tree and try hard to think of a solution. If I shout I may attract attention but I’m so lethargy to get on my feet and walk out of that place. I held myself together, put my arm around my knees, and faced down.

Suddenly, I heard somebody said, ” Are you okay?”
I looked up, and said. “I have dizziness, Manipal is so hot. I can’t bear it”

He asked me which hotel I stayed in. Hence, I answered him that I stay at my senior’s house which turns to be his batch mate. He asked for her number, but I didn’t have my cell phone at that time. So, he offered to send me home using his motorcycle. I was reluctant. But there was no other way. No, I can’t think of other any solutions.

He offered me a big umbrella. ” Umbrella is so useful.”
On our way, I saw my university mates from far. I pulled the umbrella to the left side to cover my face. I had apologize to him because the edge of the umbrella nearly poke his eyes. Nevertheless, no way they could see me riding with a stranger. I won’t let it happen. Not my luck, he started to slow down his motorbike.
“Don’t slow it down please” half shouted.

But he didn’t listen. He reduced his speed and told my university mates, – across the road, how to get into the field. Actually I had to walk just 50 meter ahead from the trees, and I would see a pathway cover by bushes and small trees.
‘No wonder, it was hidden’ I said.

And,that’s the end. Thank you stranger. But you have no idea, how much I wanted to dig a hole and buried myself in. Hope not to see you again in the future.


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