Waiting, 6 am.

Been traveling 10 hours, in the bus. Finally I reached my destination. The bus is cool, it has mattress ( they called it sleeper), double bed or single bed, you choose.It is so comfortable. But since I stubbornly asked from sport bureau to book on my own, and opt for another hygiene, expensive bus but at the end, the previous bus I mentioned do not provide service to Manipal. Hence I ended up, travel using the same bus with my university mates – but in the normal seat. Sitting posture while they are fast asleep, lying down. Serve me right.

So, here I am in the food court. Unfortunately, I tried to call my senior several times( former college), but to my disappointment, no one picked up the phone. The rest of my cliques gonna stay in the hotel. Let just wait, and see what gonna happen next.


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