The sound of Sleat by Jon Schueler

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I will not do justice by reviewing the unfinished reading book but I can’t stop myself. So far, I love how the format put by the writer. Playing with reader’s imagination, brought everyone back to 20th century, where telephone is not a main choice of communication. Even if it was available, it will make a hole in one’s pocket. Back then, people used to write everything on the paper and post them. Email,twitter, Facebook, or even WordPress were not born yet. The anxiousness of sending and receiving the letters is highlighted along the story, and sometimes people sent 2 letters, day after another, to make some amendment to the first one. Epic isn’t it?

The book is a mini diary plus a compilation of letters (to & fro) of a nomad painter. Jon, self-claimed as ‘not’ a good husband, father, lover but one thing that certain, he is an amazing painter. He sailed around Europe to experience new places, challenges and experience, then color his life on a white canvas.

Recommendation : To those who loves classic English, this book offers rich language per se. Besides, this book gives a deep sight into a person who devoted his life in art, – sometimes it is a way to escape from the harshness of reality. Ever wonder why artist/painter is unpredictable and is harder to read their minds? This book will give the hints.

Rating : Unavailable.


Happy reading!


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