Over cross the border

Adventure. I love the word. In fact, I always squeeze myself into a situation where adventure is a common adjactive people used to desribe them.

To be uncertain of what is await at the end of the road, questioning , wandering and weighing out to pick a wise decision, somehow a way to use most of my brain.

But I’m not that free. I’m obligated to the rules- the divine and man-made rules, for which intentionally they exist to protect one’s life.

Somehow, I didn’t see behind of the rules or what it may become if I ever cross them. Moreover, what value did I owe the world, if that happen? That’s why human created court, sue, law and lawyer. Its co-exist if you asked me.

But, of God’s rules. You are playing with fire.
I’m still that hard girl, off control of own my ship. Heavy sea, churning water, fighting with the notoriously bad tides ; I may get cold.

It takes a great juggling to even forgive yourself-for hurting yourself, for over-crossed the border. Boggy heart, blackened for the droplets, for repent is the only way out.


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