Like mother, Like daughter

Praise to God, yesterday I safely arrived to the destination after 10 hours journey via bus. As soon as I reached my friend’s house, my eyes were about to shut, and my fingers tap on ‘facebook’ icon on my IPad. I glad I did that, my sister posted on my wall, asked me to on my Skype.

We were on skype. My mom and I. Truly, I trust her so much that I never hide anything from her. Still, my drama queens stories, anything related to feeling or other personal’s details are better kept aside, untold. That’s my very little secrets.

The funny part, she was about to attend my cousin’s wedding and I was about to get ready and go out with my friends.

We were blabbing.. Jumping from on topic to another, from who are the bride and groom, my sister’s progress in examination, Correle set of dishes and many more, not that I can recall them all.

At one time, we were both mute. She was dapping the pad on her face, applying her compact powder and so did I. Minutes later, no even a single word come out. I was tangling, and un-tangling my long Pashmina and wrapping over my head, she was wearing her scarf and removed it, changing with another one. Colour mismatched, she said. Haha. She was worried about her eyeliner and I were upset with my pimples over my head that turned ‘magenta’ from red. Haha.

Vanity? We are. Looking at her, I started to wonder, she is so lucky to have my father, and grow old together. My heart went smithereens, I miss them…..

Its okay. Never mind, this is my meditation…


I spent Rs.13k in just a day. Err, well this one to, I inherited from my mother! Haha 😁


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