A long journey begins with a baby step.

I love my life, 2nd year is quite challenging, but the schedule is not as packed as last year. The new system is established to encourage the student to carry out their independent learning rather than class room teaching. By that I mean, more time for self study, or preparation for PBL session, where everyone will be a lecturer, explaining a subheading related to the trigger to their respective group members. Well not that I have too much ‘free time’ but as I said before, I have time to, relax.

Yesterday was a terrific day. I had developed ‘fear’ to go to the hospital due to, incompetency of speaking local dialects. If only there is a specific term for it, I would like to know what it being called, or I’ll invent one, ‘languaphobia’. Haha, sounds more like it. There are 3 major languages, which are Kannada, Hindi and Marathi. Every Wednesday, we have Clinical Examination in the hospital and learn more details about our system, with the patients by our sides. This is very helpful for the newbie like us, to give an exposure of our real career field. I could say, there are significant differences having lecture in the classroom and the hospital. One of them is, prolonged standing. For two hours lecture, we are not allowed to sit down, this is maybe, one of the simplest exercise to train ourselves of becoming the real doctors. My prof used to say, somehow doctor has to be fit, mentally and physically.

Unfortunately, the hospital ‘s condition was quite incondusive because we were all standing beside a patient’s bed in the corner of the floor, where the rays penetrated vigorously as we could feel the warmth. One of my friends almost felt down, but luckily H noticed the palor of her face and quickly told Mr.Prof. At first, I thought he will be angry, as you know, this is a training, in a way, you should be tough, no space for the weak to live. Bla bla bla. Yet I’m wrong. Completely wrong. My prof made her lied down on the empty patient’s bed, and asked us to elevated both of her legs. He even comforted her by asking us to donate some chocolates, candies and also thanked her for demonstrated to us a pre-syncope condition. That took me by surprised, there is a value here. It is almost unspeakable, but it drives me to work harder. Yes, it is knowledge that what makes you a good person, but attitude heighten you to be a better.

But, to be better, you must first be a good one.

And I almost closed my eyes right now, 15 minutes to 1am, so I should re-charge myself. But before that, I love looking at the several pictures down here.




I completed my mission, to create my own flash cards regarding drugs on pharmacology. And see,they fit perfectly in my Accesorize wallet ( if I put them horizontally ) This is a way for me, to learn the ‘dull’ subject by craving a path to make it interesting. Oh, I love Pharmacology. Till then.


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