I filled my weekends with meetings and brain storming. We plan to design a team building game for the juniors. Somehow it was fun, because we could apply the out-of-the-box thinking right here, away from the ‘what could be the diagnosis of this patient’ style of thinking.

‘Some people asked me, why do you spend your ‘free’ time doing this and that?’

Yap. I have tones of books to be read, I have Kannada language to be mastered, I have PBL noted to be done, but hey I’m not an ordinary medicine student. I don’t want this 4 years passed through just like that. Reading. Learning. Sleeping. Is that all? No. I want a fun and vibrant life. I want to contribute to people, and the smallest step I can start with is to contribute to my community. Students community.

Like D said, “This is the right time for us to unite everyone.”. True. I couldn’t agree more.I’m not that selfish student, who choose to be ignorant. I carry the responsibility to make everyone feels like they are belong in here. We are far away from the mother land, but we have each other to support us. That’s more important. We are one, and we are strong.

But the most vital is to always refresh my ‘nawaitu’ or intention. I do it in the name of Allah. Ameen.


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