Stony,Woody, Resonance and Dull

‘And today I learnt, to get an accurate diagnosis, a doctor shall appreciate music, as percussion is an acquired art’- me!

Clinical examination.
At first a female ‘grandmother’ agreed to be examined in the closed room, monitored by our professor. She hardly knew what will happen next. And this is respiratory system we deal with, so yeah she was so discomfort when Mr. Prof started to palpitate her trachea, and shoulder. I totally understand how she felt. Mr.Prof repeatedly said that it will be better if we have a male patient. And suddenly I saw hands up in the air, some of my friends volunteered to find a male guy to replace this grandma. For that, H and I accompanied grandma back to her bed. Luckily we can speak her language, not quite fluent but it was two ways of communication, at least. We thanked her for the cooperation.

Seeing this grandmother reminds me of my grandmother and grandfather too. They are on their way to Makkah to perform hajj. Please be safe and sound. InsyAllah.

This comes handy – medium size note holder with my roll number, 22. Self decorated.

Overall, I love my day. To be able to listen to a different degree/intensity of percussion motivated me to draw another step forward to grab my dream.Oh yeah, percussion is like, putting your left hand firmly on the body part, and using your right middle finger to tap.

And I shall sleep now, tomorrow I have PBL session and I have 3 learning issues to be presented. Good Night!


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