Before this, the rumors had wild spread that the International students should move to the new hostel as soon as possible. All the guys and approximately 1/2 of the girls had moved to the new hostel, leaving the other half behind( including me). The former hostel will be occupied by Postgraduate students, if I’m not mistaken.

And the drama begins. It was so frustrating to start with, but yeah let just people who were involved knew the real details. The catastrophic. Yesterday, the remaining girls and I received the order to move to the new hostel. So, since 5 pm I was packing my stuff all alone, wandering when my roommate will come home. Mind you my class ended at 5 pm, I was packing up things non stop up till 10 pm. And it was the first day of my errrrr yap, the girl’s cycle. And the pain was unbearable, both the body and mind also. Truly I felt blessed that the workers came to help me move out. And , many thanks to my university mates, they came to help lifted the belongings up to 3rd floor. Some of girls cooked local food to welcome us, oh that touched my heart. Oh and some of girls even helped me packing up my things.Being a foreigner in this country, I felt we really united as one. Blessing in disguise? Maybe.

Like family. Like siblings. Many of my friends said the same thing too.
So up there is my room’s picture, in a massive mess. But I never be a mess. Haha.😝


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