Fall Part 2

…..When I reached the hospital, they put me on the wheelchair and quickly got me into casualty room. I remembered there are 1 doctor in charge of my bed and another one is an undergraduate student, probably the final year.
Truth to be told, my healthcare was expired. Even though we have started the new session, our health card,which is fully covered by my scholar, and actually worth Rs.60k had not been issued yet. Now, put into a simpler sentence ,all the treatment cost would be on me. That’s why, I think instead of straight away to the hospital, I dropped by the campus, for assistance.
Looking upon my face, Madam Vidya said she had to leave first and request me to mention one friend’s name. Without my second thought, I picked Syu.

The moment Syu arrived, she was accompanied by Ana. And I was actually reading my immunology flashcards, I made myself, the night before the accident.


She grabbed away my flashcards, and expressed her worries. I just smile, and re-explained what had happened. Not long after that, I heard the phone rang, because the receptionist was only 5 feet from my bed, and of course I can’t make out the details of conversations, but I could catch up some words, most probably about me. Thank God the hospital agreed to treat me first without the card.

The young doctor started to clean up the wound of my patella ( knee), and she had already wiped off the stingy antiseptic over my lacerated palm, and forehead.

Soon after that, an Orthopedic came to examine me, but I nicely refused him. I’m perfectly fine, and I’m sure there is no bone fracture or I’ll cry like hell. Uneasiness shown over his face, so I started to move every joints that I have, as a prove. And it worked, he went away in a minute or two.

So, to cut this simple, I received 2 injection in casualty ward. One in the left arm and the other one ( tetanus) in the gluteus area. And I’m glad that the doctors are females.

But lucky is not always be in my side. To get some stitches done, joining the parted skin of my forehead, Sir Rajesh was on duty. He was my lecturer back in my first year, so it was not really awkward situation. Not until, I had to remove my dirty shawl before him. In the room, my whole body was covered by white blanket and a layer of green plastic sheet over my face, and only my forehead was exposed. When he started to put the pressure of the needle, inserted it into the injured area, I cried. Maybe because that would be the 3rd injection I’ve got, maybe because I long the presence of parents in this tense situation, or maybe because I get my crown exposed. I’m not sure.

That time, I was holding Zai’s hand so tightly, and thankful that my nails were short. I almost forgot to mention, Zaf, Zai, Roomie, D and Syu was in the room too, well the lecturer permitted them to watch upon the procedure. A part of learning session, valid reason I think.

8 stitches, lucky number. Dr. Rajesh is extremely fun, he knew how to pull conversation during the treatment. He started with light conversation in different languages, Hindi, Kannada and French also. Zaf said he was once study in France. Maybe. And his accent is adorable too.

When everyone left for lunch, Syu still faithfully stayed beside me. Initially I was refused to take any X-ray examination, but my friends hold myself from signing the letter provided, upon my request. So, by hook or by crook, I had to get the X-ray done. But since Radiology is a different department, the receptionist demanded health card or I’ll not get what I want. It is so complicated but we managed to get through all of it, including buying some expensive drugs, which required Syu to ring Madam Vidya, because of the same old problem, the pharmacist demanded the payment on the spot.

I couldn’t thank Syu enough for what she had done. For my friends, and also my lecturers, doctors, they are indeed too kind to me. May God pay their kindness with his endless blessings. Ameen.

But deep down, I shed tears from the painless disease I encountered.


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