The Fall Part 1

The story started when I was late for class. It was 10 minutes before 11pm, so I chose to ride my bicycle ( gear 6)  tho’ my right ankle was sprained. I just discovered it wasn’t a brilliant idea, as I arrived nearby the construction site (in front of the new hostel), I felt stingy on my right ankle. I lost my balance exactly when I bent and took a glance on my ankle.

I felt. But that time I can’t register the word ‘felt’. All I knew, my head bang into the ground first, followed by left hand and left leg. Two labours rushed to help me, one of them took the bicycle off my body while the other man put my head on his hip. I supposed he was trying to see if I’m concious. I was.

Two girls passed by, I guess they are students of JNMC ( nearby University), they were panicked like me and one of the girl took my tissue ( on that ground ) then wiped off the blood from my forehead. Then only I realized I was bleeding. I put the pressure on my forehead by sticking the tissue. I was trembling and fighting for air. The first girl asked for my cell phone, I said ‘ I don’t have it with me'( In fact I didn’t know where I put it).

Then she continued, “Do you remember any number? I can call someone for you”

I shook my head, ‘No’.

Fortunately, a white car came by. The driver was a doctor, ( which I discovered it later), then he offered to bring me to hospital. The man helped me to stand up, and assisted me into the car. The doctor said he wanted to take me straight away to hospital.

But I insisted to go to my campus instead. There are so many things inside my head. But I have to make a quick decision. He kinda reluctant, as he said, ‘But this is an emergency’.

I truly begged him to bring me to my campus first, and he finally agreed. Upon our arrival, some of the bus drivers tried to see me from the outside . The doctor went out from the car, and informed the guard. Soon, I saw the guard rushed inside the building and the receptionist walked towards me. I still inside the car, I didn’t come out. Next I saw Mr. Vikram a.k.a our General Clerk (if I’m not mistaken) ran towards the car. Slowly, I opened the door and said,

‘I need Madam Vidya’.

And I sensed my blood oozing from my forehead and leaving stain on my shawl. He nodded and ran again. For the next 5 minutes, I saw Madam Vidya walked stiffly towards the car. Her face was calm, which ease my heart.

When she entered the car, she put her arm around me, hugged me, and I landed my head on her shoulder. I cried. I don’t know why. It wasn’t the pain. Maybe it was the reaction of a normal girl who just fallen from her bicycle. Or maybe she was as warm as my mother. I had no idea, why I let my gut down.

On the way to hospital, the doctor kept explaining to Madam Vidya that I’m the one who refused to go the hospital immediately. As expected, Madam Vidya thanked him a lot for his concern & kindness.

It was nothing. I don’t really open to stranger, not that I didn’t trust him, I really thanked him instead, but I don’t know. Again, I didn’t have explanation for that.

…………………………… to be continued.


One comment on “The Fall Part 1

  1. Ya Allah, kak.. Jadi kakak sekarang macam mana? Ok? Teruk betul kakak cedera haritu?

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