Reply to H

Dear H,

After I wrote you a long paragraph of message, I didn’t expect you to reply in just a sentence. To be specific, the remarkable 3 letter words, with a question mark. Once I read, and I re-read and got myself carried away with it. I could not handle the short and simple words, as it can be interpreted vaguely, which you and I, may view them in a totally different angle. Leaving me reckless, I could not find any more clue or hint you had dropped, since when you been straight to the point?

“Maybe you were high at the moment you replied it”- I told myself. I’m sorry to think this way, I just can’t direct my mind to any better reasons.

You always been an inspiration to me, you’re ambitious, chivalrous and a mature person. Credit for your look, but your mind and determination are the ‘in’ that will bring you far in the future. Don’t get stuck in your inner problem, please carry yourself back and move on. Most importantly, don’t jeopardize yourself with any harmful things( you know what I mean), you are way better than what you think you are. You believe in humanity, and I believe in you. That’s the top reason why I decided to give you the note at the first place.

I’m sorry I couldn’t reply your message. My answer is not a solid ‘yes’, nor a big ‘No-No’. Whatever I write, or will write will play an important key to another story. I don’t want to misinterpret it in any ways. I don’t want to lit any ‘spark’ from the past, as I had put everything behind. And I didn’t regret any of those. Happiness and Tears. Past is Past. Lessons learnt.

I don’t know if you will read this, but if one day you stumble upon this corner, I hope you get my point. Is not my intention to ignore the message, but I choose to ignore my doubt.

You are better off without me. I pray for your happiness and insyALLAH you’ll be in a good shape. For the illness you’re having, it might be a ‘kifarah’ ( which is a way to clean your soul from the past sins). May Allah showers you with His endless blessings. šŸ™‚


2 comments on “Reply to H

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