First Class

1.17 am

It is midnight. The wind blows off, so slowly I walk toward the veranda and close the french window. It is cold in here, I had put my jacket on and my socks too. My room mate had fallen asleep minutes ago, after she had  consumed one cup of Nescafe. It is a paradox, how come caffeine didn’t make her stay awake all night?

People is different. Because our gene is different. That’s why some people stay healthy at the age of 40++ even though he is an active smoker, while some of his cliques (of same age or younger) developed lung cancer and succumbed to it.

The answer is gene. If only your gene is strong to resist the stress stimulus, or adapt to the changes, your cells will survive. or else the cells may enter the lethal phase – necrosis or apoptosis. Same goes to human, the strong ones will survive.

Oh, crap. That’s enough. Today was awesome, but I’m quite lagging on certain things.


Art of note taking. Note the right side is my version of thesaurus. I picked up some terms and added meaning to it by my own words. I guess that’s how I remembered things. But if there is a subject for ‘Names and Important Dates’, I would surely be the first one who flunks. hahaha 🙂

My supercilious assumption is I’m going to tick on the box of dengue and malaria in my to-do book. Sweet as it sounds, yet I just managed to re-write my own notes.

This 2nd year, we are going to have Problem Based Learning (PBL) and not the integrated  system we did last year. It occurs to me that this time around would be more fun. Self directed learning, based on patient’s problem.

How cool is that?

Honestly, I had no idea how it would work, but Dr.Ashok had compared PBL to a circus, where the participates are joyous, well-trained animals. It would be fun, as long as you enjoy yourself through out the performance.

I know my writing is hay wire, I’m too tired .Whenever there is a pause in typing I filled with yawning.

Till then.


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