Being myself.

Jet lagged.

First night in Belgaum, I can’t sleep.

My mind wondered around, from the faces of my family, kuih raya, friends, dress for Malaysian Night, my stranded luggage and back to myself.

I tried to recall the moments I had during my 1 month holiday. It was fun, and I feel so loved for the friends I have.

And sometimes, I think I’m selfish. I’m quite impatient and grumpy, and worst, when I get myself switched- off.

Trust me, it was beyond my control. In a gathering, where people busy gossiping, whispering or even a plain talking, I literally lost.  And I didn’t care much about the topic.

And I always being caught red-handed, when the person stopped talking (in the middle of telling a story ) to ask me question as such;

“Do you know her, your former classmate?”


“She is the prefect, remember?”

Mostly, I will just shake my head. I don’t remember, them. I’m not telling lies. Even with the crystal clear description, I can’t even imagine the person.

Maybe I should upgrade the capacity of my memory. hahaha 🙂

But I’m not arrogant, maybe I just care free.

That’s not it, worst comes to worst, if I hate to be part of crowd. I’m not an anti-social girl, obviously not. I’m perfectly normal, but at times I just want to withdraw myself from the situation.

It is unexplainable.  I don’t understand myself, so I would not expect people to understand me either. But if you see in  that situation, you just let me be. I’ll be okay on my own.

But, that doesn’t mean I’m a boring, self-centered,conservative person. I’m not. I do giggle, I laugh my heart out, I pick up a fight like everyone else does.

Maybe I just do it, my way.


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