Attachment ( 2nd version )

For the millionth times, I hate that word.

for Divine Attachment is an exception.

Every single day, I struggle to keep my heart at peace. Given the space and time, inner void should be filled.

When I restrained myself from complaining, I cried myself to sleep. I let the tears speak on behalf of my heart.

I am afraid of what I become. I am afraid of what tomorrow will bring me. I am afraid I will fall down in the same hole, like I did yesterday.

I just don’t know how to put this in words, but my heart ache.

Thanks to Bella,

“Everyone is struggling with their heart. You, me, we, us.”

I am not alone, but that’s not make me feel any better.

Oh Lord, grant me the strength, for you are the only One, I shall ask from.


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