Almost 1 year, and my journey had taken the sharpest turn, ever.

Landing in so-called Bollywood land, I used to hate the place. Seriously, but I have no choice.

Now I smile widely. You know, you can’t drag your past into your present, nor take a peek of the future from the view of, Now.

You can only rejoice and seize the opportunity of the  present. It’s hard. I know. But if you can see beyond that, you will see the excitement waiting you ahead.

Some people might ask, is that a right place to learn medicine?

Seriously I have no solid answers for that. My Chemistry teacher in my college once said, ” knowledge is everywhere, don’t be so ignorant. You can be a successful one, regardless the place you step on”

I agree. 100% agree, but to an extend you need to be more realistic.

Realistic in the sense, you have to study the pros and the cons of the place. You need to have a general view what kind of learning you are about to have, whether it fits you or not.

As far as I know, there are 3 types of learning – Traditional, Integrated and Problem Based Learning. Do thorough research about them.

Practical = Some students have early exposure to the clinical, some might not. But this is a root, a basic skill you really need to master. You have to be well equipped or you are out.

Truth to be told, I do not know the clear idea how many skills you have to master, or anything along that line but I firmly believe it’s a long process.

Practice makes perfect. This one, applies.

Talking about my experience, first year was tough. I heard my friends got mumtaz ( distinction)  in Egypt for the first year. Wow. You guys rock.

I just passed, with the unknown marks nor grades. Expectation from your scholars, ( MARA in case of mine), you just need to pass. This is no longer your A+ era.

Things are different, but if you can grab the A’s, no one is going to stop you.

I’m so grateful to live the hell life  in my dearest college, taking the suffocating diploma of International Baccalaureate. The tension in medicine is a tiny dot compared to pressure I have to bare in my previous college.

Every time my road gets tough, I used to tell myself, I had been in a very terrible situation, I can work this out too. And it worked . Thank you Allah.

Maybe India, is not about the fame. Apart of Kashmir and the Great Taj Mahal, I hardly have any idea when people asked about, the specialty of India.

But one thing I’m fully sure,

you’ll become a grateful person. To see the homeless children with no education background, asking for the food -which you always wasted. To see the people who work really hard, day and night, to feed their loved ones.

Imagine, if you were they?

Are you able to change your future?, with red tapes everywhere, corruption and uneven distribution ; they have dreams to step another level of social background, but kasta do not permit them.

But you are not.You are a medicine student who is blessed with scholarship, which they dare not to dream.

Cadavers are a lot. Patients are willing to seek treatment from you. Dedicated lectures and academic stuffs who will guide you along the way.

The Land of Medicine, India it is.

with half of a million Ringgit, you should no,I rephrase you have to be Grateful. Amin.

There are a lot more to talk about but I will stop now.

Last but not least, if you dare to dream, dare to make it real. Till then


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