It’s cliche huh? How does one perceives beauty? Majority might see is as what had been portrayed on the outside, with respectof a preference. Like white = fairy people is beautiful. Perfectionist = people is dying to have the flawless skin. Outfit = fashionable people create the ‘trend’, and the list goes on and on.

Here is what I taught about the magic word of ‘beautiful’;

When I was younger, I had this dull and dark skin. When I tracked  my timeline, then only I realized my skin was getting darker since I was in the primary school. I had involved in many sports, or co-curriculum activities where participation is compulsory, dead end. You have to be an active member, for your future scholarship bla bla bla.

Oh well, come to the root of logic, people are willing to throw money on you if you are worth it. Don’t get me wrong. I rephrase, in this challenging world, where source of money is scarce, you should have an extra ‘ummph’, the credit you’ve gained on your own, besides the A’s.

Plus, I was this out going girl, I would say sport is my thing.

So, come back to the story, I hated my skin, and by that I mean I hated myself. In my classroom, I would be glad, if there was ‘another’ girl who is darker than me. So, I would not be entitled as the ‘BLACK’ girl. But to my disappointment, I still this black girl, whether it is The Dark or The Darkest, still people made fun of me.

There is one good thing with black skin, I had never experience major break-out or pimples. When people were getting  puss about pimple, it got on my nerves because the pimples just couples of dots on your face. They do not make your beauty any less. And they are fair for Godsake, they are still look beautiful to me, despite of the existence of the annoying pimples. At least, from the view of my eyes.

So, I whispered to myself, I don’t care if I had lots of acne as long as my face is getting brighter.

They say be careful what you wished for.

My wish was granted. I was in Form 4, and I enjoyed the fair complexion but it doesn’t last longer. Once I fought hard to survive in the Dear College, everything is ruined. So that’s it.

But not just that, I learn my lesson through an observation. I have a great friend, who has the skin of my old self. But the major different, she loves herself more than I did. She is super confident and vibrant, and her cheerfulness masked her flaw. Not, I mean black is not the flaw. Of course it is not, but she accept herself as it is. If you have the ranking system, she is one of the beautiful girls in the college.

So it is. Beautiful would not register in yourself unless you let it. If you didn’t shower yourself with the love you deserve, you will forever blind. Blind with your perfectionist, which everyone knows – far from real.

But this is one secret you should know. Everyone is beautiful. You. Me. Us. As beauty lies on the eyes of the beholder.

Till then.


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